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We are working for create human disease models of zebrafish and drug screening.

Dear Colleagues,

Danio rerio, a small teleost commonly known as zebrafish, has emerged as a powerful model organism for studying a wide variety of human diseases over the last few decades due to its small size, high fecundity, and genetic and genomic similarity to humans. Especially phenotype-based zebrafish testing, the so-called “zebrafish screening”, has been actively utilized to identify drug target molecules and therapeutic compounds in combination with various high-throughput technological innovations, such as high-content imager, large-scale behavior analysis, robotics, and bioinformatics.

This Center intended to perform and construct zebrafish screening from broader perspectives, ranging from the creation of human diseases models, and technologies harnessing these as a model organism.

Sincerely yours,
Director. Yasuhito Shimada, M.D., Ph.D.
Dept. Integrative Pharmacology, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.

Yasuhito Shimada


We developed diet-induced obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus models of zebrafish for the first time. We now performed drug screening using these models, then test with mouse models. And we are now trying to create other new disease models related to the metabolic syndrome.


We performed drug screening with culture cancer cells and zebrafish xenografts, then test with mouse models. For the zebrafish xenografts, we do with human colon cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer and so on. And we are also creating transgenic model of cancer zebrafish.

Natural Products

Natural products, including seaweeds, are good resource for drug discovery. We perform extraction and fractionation of these natural products to prepare natural product library. 


We are active to work more in other fields, such as informatics and microbiome, Recently we have started to reseach bone metabolism in zebrafish as human disease model.


2-174 Edobashi, Tsu, Mie, 5148572, Japan


Yasuhito Shimada, MD, PhD.
Phone: +81 (0) 59 231 5384           

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