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Zebrafish Models for Human Disease Studies

Research Topic in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.
Zebrafish Models for Human Disease Studies
We are very happy with the success for our special topic. 35 articles are published. Thank you so much for all participants.

Kind regards,
Yasuhito Shimada

Start Special Issue "Bioaxtive Compounds in Metabolic Syndrome Tug-of-War" in Molecules.
Metabolic syndrome could directly increase the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), type 2 diabetes mellitus, and stroke. Over the past 40 years, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome has significantly boosted with the parallel of the increasing global epidemic of obesity. Healthy lifestyle interventions are recommended to fight metabolic syndrome, such as increasing physical activity, eating healthy food, and maintaining the proper body weight. Bioactive compound intake is another choice that is expected to prevent or treat metabolic syndrome.
  This Special Issue in Molecules focuses on the Tug-of-War of bioactive compounds combat to metabolic syndrome, including but not limited to:
   1. New bioactive compounds discovery and the related molecular mechanism research on metabolic syndrome and the related disease.
   2. Bioactive compounds work on inflammation, carcinogenesis, gut microbiota, body-brain crosstalk focusing on obesity and brain function, etc.
   3. Methodology for optimizing bioactive compounds discovery.

We welcome the researchers to share their findings in this field, both in the form of original research or review articles.

Special Issue

10-gingerol for osteoporosis.

Our recent discovery "10-gingerol against osteoporosis" was introduced in Japanese health magazine "安心" with Dr. Shimada's interview.
10-gingeol is rich in the peel of ginger and easy to degrade by heating. To take 10-gingerol efficiently, taking dishes made from grated fresh ginger is the best.

We really hope 10-gingerol in ginger will help people to prevent and improve osteoporosis in elder people.


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