Mie University
Zebrafish Research Center

We created zebrafish models for human diseases and perform drug testing. 

New Topics

Our review article is published in Frontiers in Nutrition "Beneficial effects of seaweed-derived components on metabolic syndrome via gut microbiota modulation"
Metabolic syndrome, linked to conditions like obesity and diabetes, can be influenced by gut microbiota, which is impacted by diet. Recent studies indicate that seaweed in the diet can help prevent this syndrome through gut microbiota regulation. Seaweed-based components can adjust the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut, potentially improving gut health, reducing inflammation, and impacting metabolism. While promising, these findings need validation through more extensive animal studies and human clinical trials.

Special Issue

2-174 Edobashi, Tsu, Mie, 5148572, Japan


Yasuhito Shimada, MD, PhD.
Email: shimada.yasuhito@mie-u.ac.jp                     
Phone: +81 (0) 59 231 5384           

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